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christmas top bannerMerry Christmas from everyone at Kerry's Cats.

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Thank you for your donation to Kerry's Cats.

All of your donations go directly for the care of the many cats we have at the rescue.

If you prefer to donate by check, make all checks payable to:

Kerry's Cats
PO Box 315
McConells, SC 29726

Wish List

Donations for Vet Bills, Medications and Medical Supplies.  

Laundry Detergent
Disinfectant Cleaners- Lysol, Pine-Sol, Odoban
String mops, Brooms, Dust pans
Hand Sanitizer
Dish Soap

Adult Cat Food
Kitten Food & Formula

Puppy Pads
Cat beds
Crates/pet carriers
Cat Litter
Gently used blankets, towels, comforters and rugs

Exam gloves
Delsym Cough Suppressant
1cc and 3 cc Syringes
Flea/Tick Prevention- Frontline, Pet Armour, Advantage/Advantix
Antifungal Cream and Spray 


Pet of the Week


Here is Amber. She was found at the local dump with two other siblings. She was very sick and had a huge gaping wound in her neck which required stitches and time to heal. Look at her now. She is gorgeous. She is a little shy but once given a chance she is very sweet and loves to lay with you. She needs a very low key environment and would love to have a forever home after her rough start in life.

Mei Ling Video

This is Mei Ling, which translated in Chinese, means "beautiful spirit". She came to us a very pregnant, very frightened feral. She would reject any human contact. For the past year, she has lived in the loving home of one of our fosters and has truly made remarkable progress. Although still skittish and nervous, Mei Ling excels with routine things she can predict or expect. She has adapted to life as an indoor only cat and has mimicked many of their actions. Mei Ling, is one of the 4 (out of 5) cats that jumps on the bed early in the morning, walks on us, purring, and rubbing against our faces, arms, or shoulders. Most nights, she sleeps with us and one other cat. She will do well in a home with other cats, and we recommend a home with at least one other cat. Given her background as a feral, we recommend a quiet, laid back home, with no children and no dogs. She likes small, cozy places and loves windows. She knows her name, and will respond to it. Mei Ling likes to lie on the couch and rest on the cushions behind us while we watch a movie. She has begun to seek out attention and will rub against our legs, randomly coming to be gently petted or have an ear rubbed. She is easy to give oral medication to, have her nails trimmed and ears cleaned. Mei Ling is quite playful, and has a delicate, kitten-like meow. With the right environment, Mei Ling will continue to trust and love. To view the online photo album of Mei Ling, Click Here