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Buddy Memorial

It’s been 7 months now since our beloved Grandpa Buddy left us. Buddy was surrounded by so much love his entire life, and he gave that love back 10-fold. Before his Mommy passed away, she ensured that Buddy would go to a place where he would be loved, happy, and make others happy. He came to us here at Kerry’s Cats and little did we know at the time the impact he would have on us. Buddy was sweet and affectionate right from the beginning, but you could tell there was something missing from his heart. He missed his Mommy. We began to worry that his loss was too great and his sadness would linger.

We took in a Mama cat and her 3 week old kittens that year. Buddy, being inquisitive, ventured into the room where they were one day to check out the new tenants. The kittens were about 6 weeks old at the time and WIDE open. Buddy laid down in the floor and the kittens began to crawl all over him. Thinking this was way too much for a 13 year old cat, we decided to remove Buddy from the room. He was not havin’ it! He laid there and groomed those kittens and loved on them for what seemed like hours. Tim and I watched as Buddy became a Grandpa and the light returned to his eyes. He had found his purpose.

He loved on his kids, played with them, and taught them. As the kittens grew, they spent less time with Buddy, and you could tell he missed the days of being a full time Grandpa. Last year, 2 litters came in and once again, Buddy was in his glory, doing what he loved. He loved each of his babies and they worshiped him. Wherever he was, one or more of his kids were never far away. Even though some went on to their forever homes, some grew up and are still with us. Pebbles was always close to Buddy and she, along with those who loved Buddy, is still grieving his loss.

The love that surrounded Buddy and the love he gave has come full now as he is reunited with his Mommy across the Rainbow Bridge. His impact on all who knew him will be forever felt in our hearts, and just as he taught us to love, we will continue to pay his love forward with the Grandpa Buddy Kitten Fund. Donations given in his name will go specifically for the care of kittens we take in. We miss you Buddy. Thank you for all you brought into our lives.